Sunday, November 29, 2009

Wall Decals

As a veteran apartment dweller and frequent mover, I often lament the fact that painting the walls in my temporary dwellings is often not an option. I love how a good coat of fresh, bright paint has the ability to completely transform a space where I generally have to rely on quirky knick knacks and wall art. However, Etsy has put together a great collection of the available wall decals here, which are a fantastic way to spruce up a room without having to completely re-paint it year after year! Here's a few of my favorites (just in case any of my friends were wondering what to get me for Christmas- fast approaching!)

Crystal Chandelier by singestonestudio

Silverware vinyl decal by circlelinestudio

Birds around the Cherry Blossom Branch by DecorDesign

Sugar Skull vinyl decal by Beepart

Winter Trees by PopWall

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Thanks to a flurry of activity such as moving, new job, holidays, etc. I took what was supposed to be a short break from blogging! Thanks to the infinite wisdom of Cox Communications, this break was extended much longer than it should have been, and I still do not have access to my computer. To everyone desperately waiting, hoping, praying for an update, I assure you they are coming. I've stockpiled a few choice items that have just been ripening and are ready to hit the web. Once we get this whole internet shenanigan figured out (hopefully this week) we'll be back in business! Stay tuned...