Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Thinking about moving comes in waves of excitement, nervousness, insecurity, freakedoutedness, etc. Sometimes it doesn't seem like a reality, then all of a sudden it just sort of hits me and I realize what I'm ACTUALLY doing. I've been systematically taking stock of my life over the past 23 years and re-visiting a lot of nostalgic things like pictures of old friends and things that I used to do. Missing friends that have passed away (Charles, Nicole) and reminiscing about things that used to make me so happy (swimming, being innocent, going to soccer games, first kisses when that was such a huge deal, Cabin John Park, musical theater, after school art, being generally more carefree). Sometimes I take stock in just exactly where I am in my life and what place I have in this world and how far I've come with school, accomplishments, old friends, and new friends. I definitely miss those times but cherish the independence that I have striven for and achieved, but at what cost? I did appreciate the times of disposable income, my mom making lunch for me every day, Taco Sundays, weekends in Georgetown, having more boy friends than boyfriends and not knowing what to do with boys I liked, shows in DC, feeling independent while not having to worry about money or insurance or anything. I guess this is all part of growing up, and I wouldn't change anything if I could, but I think I freak myself out needlessly some of the time. I am so excited about what this next chapter of my life with bring, and I can't wait to start it, but it definitely is scary not knowing how things of this magnitude will work out. I try to hope for the best but know the worst could happen, but I think everything will work out alright. It always does somehow, even when I have no idea how.

Monday, August 25, 2008



Sunday, August 24, 2008


My mom always told me that ONE DAY i would outgrow my jeans and t-shirt phase. I never believed her... but I think that day might be here. I think I have finally realized that I am actually a lady and should make more of an attempt to let other people know this. I have one sundress so far and a very very small amount of "nice" dresses for weddings and real dress up things. I don't really care about most band t-shirts and stuff anymore. I need to start making more of an effort to not just grab the usual t-shirt and shorts that I go for without thinking, and maybe consider wearing a skirt or something instead.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Monday, August 18, 2008

Change for a Ten!

Art 180 is an absolutely fabulous nonprofit organization in Richmond dedicated to art-related programs for inner city and at risk youth, encouraging self-expression and community growth 180 degrees. In their own words, they:

"ART 180 partners with other nonprofit organizations to serve children living in challenging circumstances in Richmond, Virginia. Through our programs, youth discover ways they can positively engage in and influence their surroundings.

Professional artists and volunteers work with youth after school for 12 weekly sessions. Each program grows from the needs and interests of the group of young people being served.

The young artists are asked to explore crucial personal statements that reinforce their sense of identity and purpose, such as: What is a hero? What do I want people to know about me? How can I make my community a better place? Programs culminate with some kind of public presentation of artwork. These have included billboards, art exhibits, poetry readings, CDs and DVDs.

By merging the private creative experience with a public showcase, ART 180 offers youth a safe way to talk about what matters most to them, while offering the community a compelling way to hear it."

Pretty good, huh?

The "Change for a Ten" campaign is their current project. Please visit their website at www.changeforaten.blogspot.com.
"Money can do a lot. Art can do a lot more. That’s why, on this 10th anniversary of ART 180, we’re asking for both — a $10 donation along with your artistic vision for making your community a better place.

Our goal is for 1,000 people to give their artistic and monetary gifts to ART 180. It’s these same gifts that will make it possible for at-risk youth to discover their own voice through creative expression. Will you help us make Change for a Ten?

1. make
a statement. Make a donation. Download the template at www.art180.org/ten (or just keep it the size of a dollar bill) and create artwork about the kind of change you'd like to see in your community. Paint it. Write it. Sketch it. Sculpt it. Sew it. Whatever it. Then, submit it.

2. send
us your creation (mail to 0 East 4th St, Studio 56, Richmond, VA 23224) and your $10 by 9/22/08, or drop them off at participating locations (see art180.org/ten for details.)

3. see
your work exhibited and sold along with the other submissions on 10/10/2008 at VCU's Brandcenter. People from all across Richmond will view your artistic vision for change.

4. tell
others to send in their own art and their $10 donation. Help us reach our goal of 1,000 people and together we'll all see true change for a ten."

Please add this to your blogs to help spread the word.

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Sara Antoinette Martin has done it again! Her "El Chupacabra" figures are ridiculous. There's a limited run of 500 brown and 250 ghosts (shown) and I once again mourn my toy addiction that cannot financially be quenched. I'm just lucky there's not a Kidrobot San Diego, because I would be the creepy regular who lurks outside and is a lame superfan. One day I'll make it big and be able to fill my longing soul with toys that delight me in peculiar ways.

Monday, August 11, 2008

ginger dressing

searching for this has been the quest of a lifetime. i live within 2 blocks of 3 major grocery stores, and for WEEKS i have not been able to find this dressing! many other varieties, but NO NATURALLY FRESH GINGER DRESSING. if you haven't had the pleasure of this delectable condiment, please do yourself a favor and get a jar. you'll thank me for it.

Friday, August 8, 2008


I'm trying to be good with saving money for the impending cross country move, but when I saw this print by kozyndan, I knew I must make it mine. I first saw this duo's work in Alicia Duffy's room in VB, and I had to know more. When I finally made it out to the website, I about died. I mean, besides the fact that everything's awesome, japanese-inspired digital prints with an emphasis on bunnies? Have I died and gone to heaven? Basically my brain exploded and that was that.

Thursday, August 7, 2008


this week (and most other weeks) i've been massively craving asian food of all persuasions. mostly sushi, which i have had 3 times in as many weeks, but it's starting to break my budget getting it so often (and no, ukrops's sushi plates aren't really less expensive then akida's lunch specials which i always get). today i went back to ukrops on yet another journey for nature's promises ginger dressing that no one can seem to keep in stock due to its overwhelming deliciousness and organic qualities. i decided to get one of my old time favorites:

thai kitchen box noodles. tonight i was delighted with the chili ginger box, which was spectacular. a full meal, vegan, and not too bad health wise, for $3. with it i paired an equally delightful hitachino weizen brew:

which i had not tried before. of course, being an enthusiast of all things japanese, and all things beer, i've loved every other hitachino brew i've tried, and this was again top notch. all in all, it was quite the infusion of all things wonderful tonight.

Saturday, August 2, 2008


The gallery shop director at Quirk, Katie Ukrop, is featured in this month's Domino Magazine, and there's been a flurry of press around Richmond about it! I saw this article on inRich.com, and the slideshow is a nice little peek into her home on Grove. I have to say, I absolutely love Katie and her family. They are some of the most truly wonderful, open, welcoming, and genuine people I have ever had the privilege of working with/for. Anyone who has anything bad to say about them has to answer to me.

The release party at Quirk was a fantastic little affair. I haven't been down to Quirk for awhile since I stopped working there, so it was really nice to see my former coworkers and catch up on all the gallery gossip. Sometimes it got boring working at a desk, but it was nice being surrounded by art and creativity. Hopefully I can find a good gig in California!

Friday, August 1, 2008

speaking with spokes

Tonight my friend invited me to a "mass bike ride at 6." At least, that's what his text said. i had nothing else to do and had been pretty productive all day, so I said "oh word." I didn't realize that all those myspace bulletins actually had information about events like this! I don't really think it raised money for anything, but I got a free shirt from SubstanceInk and free vitamin water, 2 things I love. Plus it was the first time I'd actually thought about going to a critical mass-esque event, and it was pretty fun. A few close calls, a few traffic violations, but all in all it was a really entertaining night. Then we went to Kroger where I purchased my dinner of a banana and mac n' cheese for a grand total of $1.74. Glorious.


tegan is a dog that experiences very simple emotions at all times. she is either terrified, ecstatic, or sleeping. i can't decide if i hate her or not. it's a confusing thing. i think i feel sorry for her because she treads the fine line of "she is so ugly, but is she actually cute?". she licks too much, that's for sure.


i stole this picture from brett. he moved back to new york. this makes me sad but it makes him happy so i guess that makes me happy. earlier that night andy made chili for ashton and i so we were very stinky, even outside which meant that it must have been VERY stinky. luckily matt and brett are true men's men and did not mind. chris ferguson took this picture and then farted on my shoulder. it was a strange night, full of farts and friends.