Thursday, August 7, 2008


this week (and most other weeks) i've been massively craving asian food of all persuasions. mostly sushi, which i have had 3 times in as many weeks, but it's starting to break my budget getting it so often (and no, ukrops's sushi plates aren't really less expensive then akida's lunch specials which i always get). today i went back to ukrops on yet another journey for nature's promises ginger dressing that no one can seem to keep in stock due to its overwhelming deliciousness and organic qualities. i decided to get one of my old time favorites:

thai kitchen box noodles. tonight i was delighted with the chili ginger box, which was spectacular. a full meal, vegan, and not too bad health wise, for $3. with it i paired an equally delightful hitachino weizen brew:

which i had not tried before. of course, being an enthusiast of all things japanese, and all things beer, i've loved every other hitachino brew i've tried, and this was again top notch. all in all, it was quite the infusion of all things wonderful tonight.

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Lauren said...

did you get that beer for the owl on the label? hehe i wouldn't be surprised :-)

p.s. do you know the actual date of your move?