Monday, August 11, 2008

ginger dressing

searching for this has been the quest of a lifetime. i live within 2 blocks of 3 major grocery stores, and for WEEKS i have not been able to find this dressing! many other varieties, but NO NATURALLY FRESH GINGER DRESSING. if you haven't had the pleasure of this delectable condiment, please do yourself a favor and get a jar. you'll thank me for it.


Harris said...

Yeah man, that's my favorite!!
Nice find!!

RVA Foodie said...

Am I blind or did you omit the location of the store where you found this dressing? Planning to hog it all for yourself? There seem to be a lot of ginger dressings on the market right now. The one that I've always liked best is Makoto. But, I'll have to try your fave next.

btodailly said...

is this the same kind of ginger dressing i could find on most salads located in sushi/japanese restaurants?

if so, that shits dank!