Friday, March 23, 2007

i guess a more appropriate name...

would be "art" or "image" of the day. either way, here you go!

jonina top left, makiko in blue/green sweater, mike in center, me in red tights, and stephanie top right.


matthew said...

hey beth,
sorry to contact you via the comments section but i wanted to see how the whole subscribing thing was working for you. having any trouble or anything? if you don't mind, shoot me an email at i have a question to ask you.

Anonymous said...

This picture is still classy.


Lauren said...

yowza! those are some bright tights :) i was wondering though, are all of your pics supposed to be kinda blurry? maybe i'm just getting cataracts... it wouldn't surprise me in the least
p.s. i think your Matisse looks much less lonely now. i really like the new tat. when are you getting it colored in?