Tuesday, August 7, 2007

back to the grind

first day back at work after vacation! a tough time for anyone, to be sure. to cope with my thrust back into productive society, i've taken the time to introduce you all to my workspace here at quirk.
so this is the back office:

this is the desk that at any point in time you can find either maggie or i tirelessly working for the greater good of the artistic community:

this is the board that we put important, and sometimes silly, things on over our desk. also a clock:

this is diana's desk. she faces us:

this is what kathy sees when she peeks at us from behind her wall:

this is the cacophony known as katie's desk. i know it's pretty much the same picture:

these are kathy's dogs. one is shaped like a potato:

this is my terrarium. it's pretty much terrarium madness here at quirk.

he is just too cute for words:

that's pretty much it. we like a lot of stuff here.

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