Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Jacob Magraw

This is definitely a print I wish I had seen before it had sold out! "Drawing" on 20x200 is radder than rad. Not to mention he's married to Rachell Sumpter, who has shown with Megan Whitmarsh... the list of coolness insanity goes on and on.
I also thought his blurb about this print was particularly inspiring. Do read on.

by Jacob Magraw

"I thought this painting would have figures in it. It shows empty fields waiting by a band of travelers. They have moved to a warm place and taken off their clothes. I am concerned this cliff face will never be filled. Like most of my work this piece is dealing with landscapes. Landscapes of color and the body and outer/inner worlds. It is funny to be a landscape painter, landscapes are soothing and uplifting. I take a lot of reference photos, stumps and puddles mostly, but I rarely use them. This is also soothing. A year ago I was more concerned with having a ambiguous sense of scale in my work. I think since my move to the country I've worried less about exposing these fantasy landscapes and painted more scenes like this one."

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