Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Jason Polan

Printed Matter held the opening for Jason Polan's new zine, Eleven of My Things and One of Yours on Saturday, and it sounds like a fantastic time was had by all. It's a totally innovative and interactive concept in which Jason draws eleven of his possessions, and at the signing on the last page he drew whatever object the guest brought. Once this individualized, personal drawing was complete, the zine became One of my Favorite Things and Eleven of His. That sounds awesome! I wish I could have been there- I'm not sure what I would have brought but I bet he had some gems. I'd love to see a sampling of the drawings, so if anyone out there in internetland has a contact, let me know!

Another interesting fact- the REAL reason Jason Polan caught my attention- is his current project in which he is attempting to draw every person in New York. That's a mighty big venture, and I wish him luck!

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