Wednesday, January 6, 2010

More Wall Decals!

Wall decals seem to be the rage in home decor, and with endless sites and stores popping up with these must-have design items, there's a plethora of colors and shapes to pick from! Blik has pages upon pages of the things for reasonable prices, with designs ranging from comic characters to minimalistic silhouettes to even faux furniture! Here's a few of my favorites (even better for the renters out there- no repainting!)

Fernwood Mirrors by Blaine Fontana

What's for Lunch by Working Class Studio

Delfts Blue Transfers by Jansen+co

Pirate Infested Waters by Threadless

Me, Myshelf, and I by Blik

7.00 by Threadless

Foxy by Threadless

Bye Bye Apocalypse by Threadless

Flock by Blik

Olivia Headboard by Mina Javid

Bunny Family Anomalies by Threadless

The Bull and The Bee by Threadless

Birds of a Feather by Threadless
Okay, so I had a lot that I can't live without. This is just motivation to buy a house, right??


Lauren said...

Ummm hello??? Where is the part where you mention that your AWESOME sister completely BLEW YOUR MIND when you opened the email from her with a link to the cosmic wonder that is Blik's website? You should fly to DC and grovel at my feet to possibly be forgiven for this GLARING omission and complete brain fart on your part. That is all minion. P.S. I really want the picture of the guy with the hat, mustache and pipe in the stairwell to our basement..

Anonymous said...

Where can I get the feather at?? I want it so bad