Monday, April 12, 2010

Jason LaFerrera

Two big reasons why he's the artist of the day: 1) I've already gotten 2 emails about him, and to get even 1 in a day is a big deal. 2) He's from Richmond, which automatically bumps him up a notch in my book. Other reasons include his use of maps (which I am a HUGE fan of and use many maps in my work as well), along with his complex use of collage and paper to create creatures that jump off the page with simplicity of shape, yet intricacy of detail. Jason LaFerrera's work effortlessly achieves everything that I wish my work would embody; subtle pallete tones tie each image together with ongoing detail in each animal that keeps the eye on a continuous train around their forms. It's a delight to consider the travel and geography of the earth shaping these beautiful beasts, and his Etsy shop is open and available for you to bring one of these great pieces home today!

Here's some of my favorites from his Bird Series, followed by some work from his Fauna series- I didn't alter the size on some of them so you can click on each one to fully appreciate the scope of detail present in each individual work.

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