Thursday, May 27, 2010

Haoshi Design Studio

I'm not much of a jewelry wearer. What I do wear generally dangles from my ears and sometimes neck; I already went through the adolescent-subculture-pseudo-hippie phase wearing plastic and wooden rings from every finger with a bent spoon on my thumb, but for years until Ashton gave me a sparkly rock to put on my left hand I've avoided all hand accessories. However, the other day I was perusing Design*Sponge's recap of ICFF's trends of nature, and fell absolutely head over heels with Haoshi Design Studio jewelry, based out of Taiwan, most notably the Animal Series rings.

There's an entire zoo available, and when I realized these were only $75 I about flipped. These absolutely exquisite, classic, clean, and gorgeous pieces are a steal, and I would have predicted a price tag in the hundreds at least. Obviously, the rabbit is my personal favorite, and I'm hoping to add it to my right hand soon! I'm actually having difficulty restraining myself from ordering this immediately, but reason unfortunately prevails.

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