Wednesday, July 2, 2008


today while ashton was getting tattooed, i went to maymont to see da bears and the japanese garden with mike. these are the two things that i really like there. vultures and old houses don't really do it as much for me. sadly, today the bears were playing peek-a-boo with us, with no peek and mostly boo. nowhere to be seen. but i like nature so here are some pictures from today


The sprinkler got me during this photo. I survived okay though.

turtle in the bear cage! no bears though.

cactii flower

a neat tree.

japanese garden- one of my favorite places ever.

I always think people carving on trees is interesting. Most of these people are lame teenagers probably, but I wonder what all the stories are, and when they were made, and how they are now.

This is the Children's Farm. It's where they grow children.

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teresa said...

i think that is the same farm i got my children from...