Sunday, September 7, 2008


Okay, few people crack me up like my Joe's Inn co-worker and foodie Sarah. She had a previously-linked food blog that was quirky, but apparently couldn't cut the mustard in her opinion. Now she has started an entirely new venture cataloging her sandwich tour of Richmond, which basically makes me want to throw myself off a cliff with pure envy. I, too, love the sandwich. (David Sedaris quote, anyone?) Anyhoo, her new blog "Give me a bite" makes me laugh out loud with regularity. Her extremely conversational descriptions make even the most bland of eaters' mouths spill over with longing drool. Not to mention she documents every sandwich with appetizing photos which make every fatty food lover such as myself want to run out and sample every morsel she describes. Enough talk. I must go eat a sandwich now before I die.

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