Wednesday, September 17, 2008

favorite word

I really like patterns in words and numbers. I can remember phone numbers and credit card numbers if there are certain patterns within them, and I like the way certain letters look next to one another more than others. For example, I kind of hate the way my license plates look, because they start with KMA. I just don't really like the way that K looks with M and A. They're all too pointy. I wish it was an S or B or U or something. anything but K. I know it's freakish and obsessive, but I don't care. It's a quirk.

I have recently discovered that my favorite word is "muffin". Not only are muffins delicious, it is the perfect combination of letters. I am a huge fan of double letter/number combinations (which means i can never change my phone number because it has 599 in it and I love that more than anything). I also like that you can easily picture the word as the object, meaning I can see the word muffin shaped as a muffin. It makes so much sense. I love saying it. Muffin.

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va said...

I really like the word "drowsy" because I like all of the letters in it.

Today I was watching the Seinfeld where George wants to name his first child "Seven" in a tribute to Mickey Mantle and is trying to convince his girlfriend's cousin to name his kid "Soda."