Tuesday, October 7, 2008


where do i start? we had a totally wild journey from richmond, va to san diego, ca. it took about 5 days of driving, 6 days of traveling in general, give or take a few hours. we saw the southwest, visited the childhood home of george w. bush, saw THE THING, and went through the wing energy capital of the world (somewhere, texas). ashton has the details logged but now it just seems like a long time ago.

we set up camp in oceanside for a week, and managed to find our own place in north park, san diego where we are currently residing! we've lived the good life for the last week, going to the beach, finding a perfectly fine boxspring in an alley, setting up shop in our really cute apartment, applying for jobs, going to balboa park, going to the beach, finding a farmer's market in little italy, downtown, and just exploring and having a great time. it really is the life out here. and the MUSIC! i swear, there's an awesome show every week, at least. we are going to see RIVAL SCHOOLS in 2 days! i am a huge rival schools fan, and this is a total dream come true.

california really is the place to be. i am completely content here. there is no reason for me to leave, ever. now we just need jobs so we can make friends. and i want nico too. soon!


Anonymous said...

beth demmon! its jess lambert. I sorta stumbled upon your blog --- looks like youre living the cali life! i hope life has been great!

stephanie said...

I had been checking for a we made it! post from you and ashton (but mostly you, haha jk) and here it is!! so fucking stoked!! post pix asap!! miss you!!

Sarah said...

Ohhh beth! I'm so glad you're having a grand time, although in my heart of hearts I was hoping this post would say, "This is terrible. I want to go back to richmond and wait on charles again so badly that it hurts." Ah well. I'll tell him you say hi. we all miss you !! love, sarah