Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Allison Schulnik

Enter a world where the grotesque meets the natural, thick layers mask shape, and the despair overwhelms the seemingly joyful faces presented as sculptures, drawings, and paintings so thick they take on a 3 dimensional life of their own. Allison Schulnik, an LA artist with a BFA in Experimental Animation from CalArts who works in EVERY DIMENSION... EVEN THE TWILIGHT ZONE PERHAPS?!?!

Her work explored the forlorn, abandoned, those who wish to be loved and when rejected present themselves as fierce, beaten, or dejected. Although she studied animation, her paintings, drawings, and sculpture add to her portfolio along with her films. It's a tightrope of disgusting and delicate that pulls the viewer to experience with eyes open and stomach clenched. Check out the interview by FecalFace here, and check back for several show openings in the coming months.

All images copyright Allison Schulnik.

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