Monday, February 1, 2010

Mati Rose McDonough

One of our newest artists at work is Mati Rose McDonough (not Matt-ey like a adorable nickname for Matthew, Mate-y like ahoy) and I'm absolutely in love with her work. I moved my desk to a nook by the door and ordered 2 of her pieces to put on my new walls. She has an adorable portfolio and has recently joined the Lilla Rogers stable of artists. We only have a smattering of her work available through Oopsy daisy, but I'm crazy about her necklaces, especially the January Sprout Studio necklace seen below:

She's also a fellow blogger, and has a crisp site that I could definitely take a lesson from. Check it for cool updates, kitschy links, fun videos, and brainstorming sessions that are definitely better than anything I would even dream of creating.


mati rose said...

Thanks so much for your sweet post!

Lauren said...

Her blog is awesome! Pretty stuff :-)