Saturday, March 27, 2010

Jason Jagel at FIFTY24SF Gallery

Image from FIFTY24SF
A Massachusetts native, this extremely talented, unique, and contemporary artist has been shown around the world in cities including New York, Barcelona, Tokyo, Seattle, Los Angeles, and more. Certainly not his first show, Jason Jägel opens yet another solo exhibition at FIFTY24SF in collaboration with Upper Playground. I'll Fly (Into Your Heart) opened April 1st and runs through May 26, 2010 in the gritty heart of San Fran. His work is heavily influenced by the music of today and the past decade, referencing not only the movement of today's underground music scene but his childhood loves of records and comic books.

His bold, vibrant colors and slashing edges juxtapose across his canvases in a flurry of controlled desperation and haunting facial expression. His multi-layered universe speaks volumes about the trials of today and nostalgia for years past. Don't underestimate the street artist of today; what strength they have in numbers doesn't directly correspond with the level of merit seen, but Jägel rises above his counterparts to truly shine an exquisite light on what artists are capable of today.

I'm partial to his paintings and drawings, but don't miss his album artwork as well. You're sure to recognize big names there, and perhaps even find some gems in your own collection. His installation work reminds me of the Mexican artist installations from the designers in the Azteca Series with a splash of watercolor palette sensibility, but that's just me!

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