Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I'm flying to Orlando tonight for the North American Food Equipment and Manufacturing Show. Yippee! If anything, it's at least a few firsts for me-

My first red-eye flight
My first trade show
My first time to Florida
My first time flying absolutely alone (I've always had at least a friend with me)
Apparently it will also be my first toga party... which I will be attending with my boss and our East Coast Sales Manager. I am told that there is no better way to bond with your employer than over a few drinks, but this whole thing sounds like shenanigans to me. We'll see!

Anyway, I'll be flying back to San Diego to arrive around noon on Sunday. Then it's right back to the grind Monday morning. Stay positive! And drink copious amounts of coffee...


Jennie said...

Hey Beth,
I just stumbled onto your blog through my sister's. How's life? You still look as crazy (in a fun-loving way) as usual!

Jennie said...

Jennie Patterson in case you were wondering:)

Lauren said...

there's an episode of The Office that sounds like this... Michael and some of his employees go to some convention and he tries to get people to party in their room... it's hilarious.