Friday, January 30, 2009

Free People

Free People is a really neat little line of clothes out of South Carolina (or at least that's their mailing address). Their stuff is carried at a handful of large retailers that fancy themselves exclusive, like Anthropologie (which I love but is too expensive and at the end of the day it's a chain!) Anyway, North Park has this great little store called Material on University Avenue right by 30th Street. It's to North Park what Need Supply is to Richmond. I've been eyeing this dress since I first went in there and now that it's on sale I am SO tempted to go try it on. Honestly I'm half hoping it will look terrible on me so I can stop obsessing over it, but the other half hopes that this will be the most awesome dress ever. For $64 I might be able to deal with it. If it slips away from me I would be one sad lady.


Whine Me said...

free people is actually owned by urban outfitters which owns anthropologie as well.

beth said...

ha- who knew??? thanks for the heads up!

R. said...

i only know cause i work part-time there. otherwise i would have no clue.