Friday, March 13, 2009

Stuart Kolakovic

Every once in a while I get really bored with whatever my current desktop image happens to be, but it's not always the simplest task finding a new one. You don't really realize how much you actually look at it, and if it's just not quiiiiite right, it will bother me until I find The Perfect Image. Usually my go-to's are FecalFace and Tiny Showcase, and today proved no exception. I scanned through the archives of Tiny Showcase to come across the work of Stuart Kolakovic, a UK artist that I could only find a little information about, but his work speaks for itself. Folk art, cubism, and retro color theory are all explored through his works. He's worked as a comic artist and illustrator with a pretty impressive clientele. Check out his site and especially his comics.

And FYI, here's the image I have as my background now:

Worship Something, Tiny Showcase

Here's just one that I especially like (the geometric patterns in nature is a concept that I've explored for years. I actually based my AP portfolio on it in high school):

Arctic Chilling, personal work

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