Monday, April 20, 2009

New from Veer

When I graduated from college, I had the choice to either A) go to Peru for a month for a school program (I'd get no credit for it but it would be an experience that basically was just set up for me) or B) upgrade my old hand-me-down laptop to a brand new Macbook Pro. For a variety of reasons (new boyfriend, long term helpfulness, I'd just gone to Costa Rica 2 months before, etc) I went for the Macbook Pro. I assure you I have no regrets about that. It is a magical device that I cling to my bosom and have already set up a trust fund for it. Still, it is not without its flaws, such as the tendency to get reallly hot on my lap while I'm using it for important design business. More like Tetris.

Anyway, Veer has a new product for just that very malady. Smooth, classic, modern, and with a type-twist, it's the perfect thing for the Mac-lover. I guess you could use it for a PC laptop but if you have one of those you probably hate pretty things anyway so don't bother.

The 3/4" engraved wood dissipates the heat (I always thought wood was flammable but design has proved me wrong once again!) and features 2 types that are elegant and swirltastic. Get yours here for the low low price of $100. Personally, I enjoy the crotchal heat. Convenient for private sexy time with my Mac.

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