Friday, April 10, 2009


When I don't have any new items to post, new events coming up, or just something new and exciting, I'll start posting a photo montage! I have a lot of pictures that I just kind of have... so they might not all fit together or make sense... but here goes!

Just a couple of shots from the last month or so... I haven't edited anything in Photoshop, but I kind of miss doing that on a regular basis. I need to get back into the habit. Anyway, here's the scoop.

1) Balboa Park Cactus Garden- I just thought the perfect round cactus shape with the weird blues of the unidentifiable plants were really cool. I love nature!
2) Prickly!
3) Skull decal in LA... I'm sure I'd get sick of all the snarky street art if I lived there, but for now I just think it's cool.
4) Balboa Park again... I just thought it was cool the way the sun split the tree. No major artistic insight there.
5)San Diego zoo- flamingos are sweet, and I like how crisp this turned out just as the sun was starting to sink.
6) Ashton likes to take ugly pictures of me when it looks like I have legs like a goat that bend backwards.
7) Wall in LA. There's old stuff there?!?!
8) Leprosy leaves in Balboa Park. Not really. But maybe.
9) I've based entire portfolios around the concept of geometry in nature, so these naturally hexagonal pink cactii will probably be popping up a few more times

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