Thursday, July 16, 2009

Eye-Catching Ads

Learning how to Live is a pretty extensive daily blog focusing on "the art of living"- at quick glance, I'm not super interested in much that this guy has to say, but the latest post was brought to my attention by the lovely Virginia Ivey, who was recently accepted in the prestigious VCU BrandCenter Master's program! The Top 5 Interactive Ads That Catch Your Attention is a great collection of quirky, innovative, and edgy ads that either force the viewer to participate whether they like it or not, or draw you in almost involuntarily with unsupervised participation.

My personal favorite is this swooping photo of a custom ad floor in a mall in Jakarta, Indonesia, which replaces fleas with unsuspecting shoppers. People on the higher levels can observe what seems to be human fleas crawling all over the animal as they scurry to and fro about their business. I'm sure there were many tweets about this.

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