Thursday, July 23, 2009

San Diego Comic Con EXCLUSIVE 8" Shane Jessup Luck Dunny

Today is the happiest day of my life. With the soul-crushing realization that I had neither the funds or time off work to go to Comic Con (that plus the weekend tickets sold out in a day) I resigned myself to my absenteeism and thought, well, it's for the best, I'd just spend a crazy amount of money anyway. Well, when I found out that Kidrobot was having an exclusive release of Shane Jessup's "Fortune" gold 8" dunny in a series of 1000 (already sold out online), my interest was piqued. When I found out that there would be a SDCC exclusive colorway limited to a run of 200, I was VERY interested in acquiring one. I reached out to all my like-minded nerdy friends in the slim hope that A) someone was going that day, B) would be there at that time, C) didn't have another signing or event, and D) was willing to put up with some sort of hassle I'm sure to get this for me. I didn't get any response until my friend Justin asked me 2 days before the big day if I still needed someone to try and get it for me. Hell yeah I did!

Against all odds, even with his number being 209 on the list, somehow, someway, this beautiful specimen of humanity did it. He did it. He not only got me the limited edition SDCC Luck Dunny- he got it signed. Not only did he get it signed, he got the certificate signed. I am now the proud owner of one of the most limited runs of Dunnys around, with Shane Jessup's John Hancock to boot. I pick it up tonight bearing cash and a 12 pack of Guinness as a small token of my enormous gratitude.

Before this, I was having a pretty crappy day. I slept terribly, there was a giant spider in the office, and my banana was bruisy and gross. This completely turned my day around. There's a nice little UV protected display niche waiting for this guy at home!

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