Monday, July 27, 2009

L.A.- Watch Out for PAINTALLICA!

Country Club Los Angeles is hosting PAINTALLICA, an installation group whose antics and artistic inspiration are definitely a not-to-miss event. It's happening Thursday, August 13th from 7-9 PM, featuring the stellar talents of Dan Attoe, Jaime Boling, Bill Donovan, Jesse Albrecht, CeCe Cole, Jeff Decker, Shelby Davis, Gordon Barnes, Posie Currin, David Dunlap, Jay Schmidt, Dominic Bisignano, Jeremy Tinder and Chris Miller. Jamie and CeCe were former adjuct faculty at VCU, and I was lucky enough to study under the tutelage of Jaime for a few semesters. Be sure to check out ALL of these talented artists' work, and other artists in the Country Club library (Ryan McGinness, a personal favorite of mine, is among them). If you are in the Los Angeles area during this event, I can't stress enough your need to experience PAINTALLICA.

Photo credit to CCLA.

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Bill Donovan said...

I can let you know when we have more photos from the show. Thanks Beth