Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sienna Gallery

Art jewelry is a booming underground niche in contemporary art circles. More and more galleries dedicated to the 3-dimensional handmade are popping up, my former alma mater Quirk included. Sienna Gallery is another space dedicated to the innovative, the craftsman, the wearable art that is taking hold in big and small towns alike. Nestled in Lenox, Massachusetts, this idyllic town has served as the perfect muse for generations of artisans; they specialize in the display of traditional and non-traditional jewelry presentations as works of art.

Sienna boasts a large, varied, and proud group of represented artists, such as Susie Ganch (Head of Metals at Virginia Commonwealth University), Sayumi Yokouchi (featured in Quirk's Sparkle Plenty 2), Barbara Seidenath (participant in Sparkle Plenty 3), Giampaolo Babetto, Lauren Kalman (an especially interesting artist whose unconventional unique work speaks volumes about body adornment and alternative social values), and a variety of assorted jewelers each making exciting statements about the way we present ourselves through ornamentation.

Lauren Kalman

Anya Kivarkis

Esther Knobel

Myra Mimlitsch-Gray

Visit Sienna Gallery to see more work by these fabulous artists, upcoming shows, previous exhibitions, and more!

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