Thursday, August 13, 2009


I always get excited for the new Dunny releases, and Amanda Visell is an especially exciting artist with her whimsical and playful imagery. An resident of that place we all know and love, Los Angeles, she proudly states that she never went to art school and has an exclusive line at Disneyland! Pretty impressive stuff for a self-taught artiste! Her Wood Labbit SDCC Exclusive, partnered with Frank Kozik, was a smash hit and now for the perfect forest partner- the Wood Donkey Dunny!

"Discovered in the woods and raised by lumberjacks, Wood Donkey spends his days chopping down trees.After a lifetime of terrorizing the forest, all the living creatures fear him, forcing him to chop himself up to make new friends.

Watch your fingers, because Wood Donkey's always looking to expand his circle of friends!This 8-inch figure is sold with a bonus stump and axe, and features delicate vinyl leaves as fingers.

Limited to 1500 made worldwide."
Don't miss your chance to snag one of these beauts up for $75 at its release on August 20th!

images and text taken from KidRobot

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