Thursday, August 20, 2009

TOMS shoes and Mint!

San Diegans! Living in such a hub of culture while still maintaining the laid-back, small town feel that so many millions of people love is a tough job! Still, if you have any inkling of what is going on in the land of shoes, you've heard of TOMSshoes. Buy one, give one pair away? Great stuff for activists and just shoe-wearin' folk alike! Be sure to check out their event at Mint Shoes in Hillcrest one week from today. Bring a book to the book drive to enter a chance to win a TOMS prize pack! As a new TOMS customer, I can attest to the comfort and fashion points you will glean from wearing these cozy lil' things. If that doesn't get you excited, they promise to have refreshments also. What's not to like??

1 comment:

va said...

are those TOMS in the ad? It doesn't look like it, unless I missed a new style or something. Very curious...

How did it go?? I love the idea - bringing in books for charity and you could win TOMS (another guilt-free endeavor). It's WIN-WIN! Go San Diego!!!