Tuesday, April 29, 2008


i'm in sterling at the moment visiting my parents, grandparents, and uncle/aunt for a little bit. ALL of our family lives in california, so this is a pretty significant get-together. also significant in the fact that in 5 days my uncle mike will be in iraq being elite as shit and worrying the hell out of all of us. it sucks, but it IS nice to see the fam every once in a while. my dad took me out on his brand new motorcycle today and we raged hardcore. i got a few sweet bday presents, some heels (!), and some awesome momma demmon cookin'. of course i caught flak for some new tattoo developments, but at least they all know it's pointless to fuss when they're clearly not going anywhere. anyway, i haven't done anything since i've been here but eat and annoy my mom. it's g00d.

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