Thursday, April 3, 2008

why do i always...

use class time to update? that's probably bad. but it's so E-Z. summer's almost here. things are going swimmingly, for me at least. i always thought springtime was when people get twitterpated, but it seems like a lot of my friends are bummed on their relationships right now. it sucks to hear people value their self-worth due to the actions of another, but smoothies and front porch hangouts seem to be the cure, prescribed by dr. beth. speaking of front porch hangouts, i stole the picture below from ashton. it sums up the beginning of summer pretty nicely.

word of the day: willy-nilly
willy-nilly (WIL-ee NIL-ee) adverb, adjective

1. Whether willing or not.

2. Haphazardly.

[From contraction of "will ye/he/I nill ye/he/I", from will (to be willing)
and nill (to be unwilling).]

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