Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Catholic and other religious iconography can be really bizarre but extremely interesting. I've always been interested bodhisattvas and saints and unexplainable miracles, like stigmata and statues that cry blood. How people get beatified or canonized is completely beyond me. Once religion gets that high up, I'm pretty sure it's a big global conspiracy of I don't know what. This is a weird and sort of off-topic post, but it's what I'm looking at right now.


sarah said...

Hey Beth! Sweet post! I like the neon lots.

Anonymous said...

there was some inventor a long time ago who used to design religious statues and entire churches and stuff so that they were capable of doing things to scare visitors.
like making a statue cut off the head of a stone bull and have the stone head stay in place or making statues cry.
i wish i could find his name