Tuesday, November 25, 2008


MUNNY on the Run! from Kidrobot on Vimeo.

New goal- revamp this whole shebang. This blog needs a major facelift. New layout, more pictures, more emphasis on quality, perhaps weekly updates on certain topics like Toy Tuesday or something along those lines. No more "I Like Coffee!" spur of the moment posts (unless it's REALLY a defining moment in the day), and I want to take more pictures on my Nikon D40X instead of just my phone due to convenience. I mean, the phone is alright, but I'm excited to go camping in Idlewild this weekend and maybe get some good stuff going on to jump start this jam.

I mean, photography is the easiest, most immediate way to capture something beautiful! There's only thought, and very little action, to snip out a piece of the world to share with others. How can I be passing this up? Well, I know exactly why. It's bulky and cumbersome to just carry around for whenever the mood strikes. I need to talk to my grandfather (who is an insane photo enthusiast) about getting a small digital camera to just pop into my purse for everyday use.

Anyway, changes are coming. The winds are shifting and now that my weekdays are taken up by a real job, I'm going to start focusing on where this is going to take me and what I can do to continue to better myself as a person and as an artist. Yesterday I was looking at graduate school materials for Otis College of Art and Design in LA. LA would be a great place to go to art school, but I know that right now at this very moment I am not in the right state of mind to even seriously consider this very massive step. I need to get straight and get involved and get some stuff done to prove to myself and schools that I've got what it takes to go balls out. I've also put out feelers for learning how to knit. Just being able to do something with my hands, especially something where I could multitask and hang out or watch movies or whatever during would be great.

I hope my enthusiasm and zeal don't wane or turn into nothing. I have a realistic view of what I can accomplish right now with no money and no studio, but as long as I dig my heels in and plan accordingly, I think I'll be able to slowly but surely get on my way. Here's hoping!

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