Tuesday, November 11, 2008

the delighted bite, and beyond

I've come to a few decisions. When I started this blog, it was dedicated to daily drawings and an eye on contemporary design and art from around the world. Anything I created or found interesting by another artist was featured and discussed. After a while, it's taken a turn into being just a personal page for me to talk about anything I wanted to. No boundaries were established, and it has dissolved into a place where I can just talk about what I like for any reason.

While I enjoy this freedom of speech, I've decided to split my blog into a few parts. Obviously, the first thing to go is the ever-present brunch discussions and culinary adventures. Don't worry, I've created a new blog that is currently being put together to talk about the weekly ritual. The Delighted Bite will be up and running shortly, so to anyone who enjoys discussing food, please be sure to bookmark this and keep checking back.

I'm also currently playing around with the idea of re-naming this blog. It really isn't a manifesto of any sort, and I don't even really like the word. There's a few ideas I'm kicking around, and when the right one comes along I'll know it. So be prepared for a new look around here. I might need to think about becoming more focused on keeping this strictly creative and not just an outlet to discuss my daily exploits, like Dooce. While I love that blog and sometimes it's interesting to read, I think it's important to set limitations to discipline myself and my reach of people.

This brings me to another idea, perhaps a third split into a real "blog". A blog about me, Beth, and the things I do every day. This isn't as interesting on a professional level, maybe, but a more personal look into my ideas and experiences for my friends and family to enjoy. I'm not sure if three blogs are the answer for me. I want to make sure I interest enough people and keep my blogging exploits to a reasonable level. If anyone has any comments, feedback, or cool name ideas, I'd love to hear them!

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