Thursday, December 18, 2008

I stumbled across this typography website yesterday, and there's nothing that I can even really write about it. It just speaks for itself. Any description I could possibly come up with would be significantly less interesting than just going to the site and peeking around. The real kicker is the About iLT section and reading the John D Boardley's description of himself and why he enjoys type.

" many men, I sometimes look at girls’ bottoms, I probably spend more time looking at type."

I wouldn't bother looking if you aren't a "type-head" though. Fonts are either incredibly interesting or wildly boring, depending on the person. I myself find them fascinating. Obviously I'd recommend the movie Helvetica to anyone in the free world who has an interest in type design and hasn't already seen it. I was wayyy behind on seeing it.

Be sure to check out John's other blog The Pixel Dog post is particularly amusing.

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