Monday, December 15, 2008

Loungefly and Vintage Religion

I've been introduced to Loungefly via Vintage Religion, a small independent store in North Park with a variety of religious goods and related items. Loungefly's Dia de los Muertos shirts, rockabilly-esque purses, and kitschy items are freakin' adorable. I love this bag (which for some reason is not listed on their website):

These accessories are pretty bangin' as well:

Nicely priced, about $60 for the large weekender purse and around $24 for the designer shirts. Not any more than you'd pay at Urban Outfitters for the seemingly "one of a kind" t-shirts that actually are mass produced by the thousands. Either way, they've got great stuff for all religions at Vintage Religion, and you should check out the Loungefly site as well for their sale items and wider selection.

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