Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I've never sewed. I got shown how to use a sewing machine probably once when I was 8 years old. You might say mine was not a "crafty" family. Regardless, over the past few months I've taken an especial interest in all things craft, and have racked my brain for ways to infuse my ideas about 2D work into 3D. I feel like it's more immediately satisfying to finish a piece and have a tangible object instead of an object simply for art's sake. This is in no way a jab at painting or printmaking or any other flat work, but it's simply another path in the road of creativity, one that I have previously not explored. As of yesterday, this puppy is now mine:

A 1958 Singer sewing machine in perfect condition. The one pictured is a pretty exact replica of the one I got on Craigslist, except mine comes mounted on a table, which looks pretty classy. It's in great condition for being so old, and I got all the original manuals and equipment as well. I'm excited to start playing with it, and hopefully make an apron for our ever-exciting cooking adventures. Yay crafts!