Friday, December 5, 2008

Robert Walz

As some of you know, I used to work at Quirk Gallery in Richmond, VA for about a year and a half starting as an intern and working up to an associate. Their niche is art jewelry, the major show being the annual Sparkle Plenty show every November/December. Anyway, before I left a year ago, they had started the Shop Show, focusing on flat works from mostly local and young up-and-coming artists.

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The Shop Shows always caught my eye more than a lot of the crafty things that were in the main gallery, the difference being that the main exhibitions were chosen by Kathy (the Gallery Director) and the Shop Shows were chosen by Katie & Diana, the shop director and manager duo. Diana has a great eye for hip stuff, and has snagged some awesome shows.
Even though the Quirk site is down right now for maintenance, the Quirk Myspace page informed me that their current Shop Show is Robert Walz, a Richmond artist working with color.

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I really miss being in this type of creative atmosphere, and being exposed to great art from all areas and levels of experience. I didn't have to even try to find out about new things or cool sites, they were just thrust on me every day. A lot of the business end of things were mildly lame, but I think I would appreciate it more now that I actually depend on a job for money (unlike the school years where I was only too happy to work for free!).
Anyway, the point is that I like what I see so far from this Robert Walz character. His site says it will be up Spring 2008, so hopefully that means by Spring 2009? If you are in the Richmond area, I'd recommend hitting up First Friday, which is today now that I think about it. It's the last First Friday with Sparkle Plenty 4 up, and since the Shop Show rotates monthly it's the last chance to see Robert Walz. So stop by and say hi to the ladies at Quirk for me. I miss 'em.

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